The Bunker Game Story

The Bunker Game Story. After several mysterious accidents, a live action role playing game is interrupted and the players leave the bunker while the staff remains behind to investigate the disappearance of greg, the mastermind of the game. Embark on a journey with your friend farmer richie to make it into the safety of a fortified bunker as the apocalypse begins!

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It has a very intriguing story, with a ton of great puzzle solving. The game lasts 1h30, if you know where to go. But when an alarm goes off, a catastrophic chain of events begins.

Unlock The Dark Secrets Of Your Past As You Try To Escape The Bunker.

The main character finds himself in a situation, a way out of which is impossible to find without your help! What's the point of bursting out of the bunker only to be breathing contaminated air?! The bunker is a live action psychological horror game starring adam brown (the hobbit) and sarah greene (penny dreadful, assassin’s creed 3) with a story written and developed by gaming talent.

The Bunker Is On A Path Surrounded By Trenches And Rubble, And It's An Important Point In The Story Of This Horror Game.

John is living in a mysterious bunker, and has been living there alone for years following a nuclear attack on england. Knowing that, if you want to enjoy the game, it is strongly recommended doing it once without following the guide. Please read all the instructions and guide of this scary strategy game before entering into the game.

After Several Mysterious Accidents, A Live Action Role Playing Game Is Interrupted And The Players Leave The Bunker While The Staff Remains Behind To Investigate The Disappearance Of Greg, The Mastermind Of The Game.

A game in the genre of horror that will immerse you in the story of a prisoner who had a chance to try to get out of the bunker in which strange things happen. The story left enough loose ends to be interesting without being obtuse. Filmed on location in a decommissioned government nuclear bunker, it features a plot crafted by writers and designers behind titles like the witcher, soma and broken sword, and incredible cast including adam brown ( the hobbit) and sarah greene (.

The Scary Tales2, Puzzle Escape Room Game Contains Different Stories And Tasks Where.

Beginning with the birth of your character, john, deep underground in a busy nuclear bunker, the action quickly leaps ahead 30 years with the death of john’s mother, margaret (sarah greene, penny dreadful). And things seem an awful lot quieter. The bunker is an interactive survival story game.

So, Obviously The Outside Air Must Still Be Laden With Radiation.

Striving for authenticity, the developers have filmed the game inside an. The bunker is an interactive movie game in which you only point out elements of the set. John was born 30 years before, as the bombs were dropping, and has spent his entire life in the bunker, which is a terrible prospect.

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