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Platinum 950 Alloy

Platinum 950 Alloy. Platinum 950/ruthenium ruthenium is a fragile and difficult metal to work with because of its Look inside a piece of platinum jewelry and you’ll see its purity stamp.

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The volume loss of both 950 platinum alloys is a factor of three times lower compared to 750aupd, and a factor of about two times lower compared to 585aupd and both 750auni alloys. The alloy used with platinum is typically either copper, rhodium, titanium, palladium, cobalt, or iridium. Wear testing comprised a sequence including abrasion testing, corrosion testing and polish testing.

The Volume Loss Of Both 950 Platinum Alloys Is A Factor Of Three Times Lower Compared To 750Aupd, And A Factor Of About Two Times Lower Compared To 585Aupd And Both 750Auni Alloys.

Figure 13 shows the total mass and volume loss after all cycles of wear testing were completed. On the other hand the alloy is very malleable and ductile what makes it. A series of iterative wear and corrosion tests were conducted on two 950 platinum alloys, two 585 white gold alloys and two 750 white gold alloys.

900 Pt Ir Has Machining Limitations Due To The Lower Hardness Of 100Hv.

950 pt co is an excellent alloy for casting. 95% platinum alloyed with 5% cobalt is hallmarked as 950 pt co. 900 pt ir is a universal alloy that is used for many manufacturing applications.

950 Pt Co Is Ferromagnetic, So It Is Attracted To Magnets.

One of the finest 950 platinum casting alloys is platinum 950/cobalt 50, also known as 95/5 cobalt. Look inside a piece of platinum jewelry and you’ll see its purity stamp. This review examines the casting behaviours of 900 and 950 platinum alloys with additions to increase the hardness.

Any Platinum Alloy Containing At Least 950 Parts Per Thousand (Ppt) Of Platinum Can Be Stamped “Platinum,” Or “Plat,” “ Pt.” For Alloys Of Platinum Between 850 And 950 Ppt, “Platinum” Must Be Accompanied By The Purity.

Typical alloy proportions are 90:10 or 70:30 (pt:ir). Pt950/ir is the alloy containing 5%wt. A third platinum/gold alloy, platinum 900/palladium 50/gold 50, is in many ways similar to platinum 900/gold 100 but is somewhat softer.

950 Pt Co Oxidizes At 1000 °C.

This makes it more suitable for forging and for elongation in fabricating (e.g., die striking). Another example is 900 platinum which is equal to 90% platinum. Iridium is a pretty amazing metal in its own right.

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